FCE: Passive Voice


Today´s class:

We are going to work on the passive voice. 

Passive Voice
The passive voice is used when focusing on the person or thing affected by an action.

The Passive is formed: Passive           Subject         To Be            Past Particple

It is often used in business and in other areas where the object of the action is more important than those who perform the action. ç

For Example: We have produced over 20 different models in the past two years.

Changes to: Over 20 different models have been produced in the past two years.

If the agent (the performer of the action) is important, use “by”

For Example: Tim Wilson wrote “The Flight to Brunnswick” in 1987.

Changes to:”The Flight to Brunnswick” was written in 1987 by Tim Wilson.

Only verbs that take an object can be used in the passive.

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